The drainage treatment is effective on the whole body system. It redresses the water and electrolyte balance equilibrium in the intracellular spaces and prevents the deposits from accumulating. It forces the lymph to drain off together with the metabolism products. Furthermore the drainage nourishes and oxygenates the organism.
It is perfect to treat the legs heaviness. After the procedure a patient feels light, relaxed and vital.

The drainage is recommended to people, who has started the fight with overweight or obesity. Then the slimming diet can be supported by the procedure. The treatment care is also designed for women susceptible to cellulite forming. The treatment is also effective among people with the vein – lymphatic circulation disorders. It counteracts the effect of tired and heavy legs and feet. The procedure is also recommended
as a prevention to persons having a job demanding long standing or sitting.

Single treatment
Series of procedures (when purchased 6 at one time)