Invention of the cool Finish – so called dry sauna, relaxes from ages, enhances health condition of people all over the world also in Poland.

Sauna provides high temperature so wanted in the time of autumn and winter, thanks to which our organisms purify, get rid of liquids and renew. The steam evaporating from water spilled hot stones ionizes the air. Such therapy has wonderful influence on our organisms, reducing the feeling of exhaustion, nervousness and anxiety. While sitting in sauna our organism releases all the toxins and metabolism waste. Skin temperature rises to 40 degrees C, leading to blood vessels widening, aiding blood transfer, firming of the skin and removing muscle and joint pain. Frequency of breathing increases improving ventilation of lungs. The best time for finish sauna bath is late afternoon or evening.

Finnish sauna:

  • wooden cubicle
  • temperature: 85°C, humidity 20%-30%
  • environment: dry (stones are wetted towards end of the warm-up)
  • promotes purging, cleans the skin
  • stimulates blood circulation, promotes the building up of the body's own defences
  • suggested duration of stay: 15-20 minutes (heat up), 20-30 minutes (rest), each 2-3 x, 1 x weekly


Hotel Guest (up to 1,5 h) free of charge
For others Guests (swimming pool + sauna) 50,00 PLN