The lymphatic system works in the same way as circulatory system, however the role of “heart“ is played by muscular and connective tissue. The Vacustyler apparatus generates alternately the negative and positive pressure, what stimulates the flow of blood and lymph. Negative pressure causes suction of blood and oxygen to lower parts of the body, while positive pressure causes transport of venous blood as well as end products of metabolism through veins and lymphatic vessels to the body trunk. Aim of this interaction is to improve the circulation, smooth the skin, detoxicate, as well as reduce the circumference of thighs, hips and belly.

Care treatments:
removal of cellulite, treatment of obesity, the positive effect on connective tissue and circulation disorders.

Treatment 30 minSeries of treatments (when 6 treatments paid) – price for 1 treatment



IONO CARE/ IONO MED device introduces the appropriate amount of pure, ionized oxygen into the body. This is not pure oxygen from the bottle or the generator, like that applied in medical treatments, but oxygen of natural concentration, to which human organism is adapted.

The recent scientific research has confirmed that the energy carrier is not the oxygen concentration, but the energizing quality of oxygen (negatively ionized oxygen). All particles bigger than 17 microns, that is: bacteria, viruses and dust are stopped
by a special medical filter. Application of this form of therapy is versatile: it improves the looks and condition of skin, enhances metabolism, gives a sense of well-being and strengthens the immune system. Breathing the ionized oxygen allows enjoying life in a positive way.


In a package with Vacustyler (series of treatments) free