The whole body procedures –

care treatment based

on “BABOR” cosmetics

VITAMIN REFRESHMENT – rejuvenating vitamin treatment care of the whole body with a great amount of vitamins A, C and E


OCEAN DEPTH – intensive treatment care based on algae which smoothes, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity and has anti - cellulite effect


CHOCOLATE DELIGHT – relaxing – regenerating treatment, stimulating senses; has stimulating and energizing properties. Enables gradual reduction of “orange peel”, leaves the delightful smell of chocolate and the feeling of firmness and smoothness on the skin


The whole body procedures with care treatment based on BIOLINE, SELVERT, DIEGO DALLA PALMA cosmetics

LIPO EASY teatment which makes skin elastic, tones body shape and stimulates skin metabolism


ALGAMATER - anti-cellulite, firming, nourishing-regenerating treatment


COMFORT BODY – slimming-firming cryo-treatment with the use of medical mud


MODEL SHINE – luxury shaping, firming and strengthening diamond treatment


RAM – FIRE – slimming treatment that eliminates toxins and excess of fat in the body. Fire stands for heat, passion and energy of life, which are transmitted by detoxifying essential oils (geranium and juniper), sacred lotus blossom, paprika, arnica and drainage algae.



DELIKATESSEN – treatment, which immerses into the infinite sensations of honey, coconut, passion fruit, oat and vanilla… All this hidden insite the mask in the form of a foam, which not only relaxes, but also improves the maintenance of a more moistened, satin skin.


BODY PEELING – soothes and purifies the skin.


LAM LAND; THE ELEMENT OF BEAUTY – deep-cleansing and relaxing treatment using the “Aroma Essence” gloves in connection with a balanced massage of the body.


LAM LAND; THE ELEMENT OF BEAUTY – deep-cleansing and relaxing treatment using the “Aroma Essence” gloves in connection with a nursing mask with green clay, which soothes, strengthens and regenerates.


MARINE SPECIALS – firming and moisturizing treatment, including natural ingredients, eliminates loosened skin, restores its elasticity, firmness and tension.


DOUBLE EFFECT – slimming treatment, using the Slim Designer and IN-Tense complex that models the body, giving it the smoothness, elasticity and tension.


ANTYCELLULIT BANDAGE intensive anti-cellulite treatment using a thermo-active modeling bandages.