WONDERFUL WEDDING RECEPTION -  this unique day only at  SPA Hotel Jawor ****

"... No day will happen again.

There aren’t two similar night,

 two identical kisses,

 two looks in the eyes which are the same ... "

 We would like to invite you to organize a wedding reception at the SPA Hotel Jawor ****.

Beautiful interior of the hotel restaurants and banquet hall, professional staff, elegance and unique atmosphere. We will make every effort to make this day special ...

We offer you:

* Delicious menu starting from 195.00 PLN per person including wedding cake from the hotel patisserie

* welcoming the newlyweds with bread and salt

* De Lux room for the newlyweds with surprises - free of charge

* special price of accommodation for wedding guests

* the possibility of organizing a photo shoot  for  the Bride and the Groom in the beautiful scenery of the hotel garden

Sample menu:

Toast with sparkling wine

Cold appetizer

Terrine of venison in tartar sauce with mushrooms


Chicken noodle soup and a piece of meat

Main course

Baked chicken fillet

Breaded pork chop with apricots

Silesia roulade with smoked bacon

Side dishes

Fried vegetables with cheese

Salad with: celery, carrots, sauerkraut, white cabbage

White cabbage fried with tomatoes

Silesian dumplings

Boiled potatoes


Ice cream with maple syrup

Wedding cake

Cold plate


Roast pork with apricots

Chicken galantine with broccoli

Liver pate with jelly

Chicken chaudfroid

Ham rolls with horseradish


Fish in aspic

Sole fish  rolled with broccoli

Herring in sour cream


Salad of penne with spicy salami

Vegetable salad

Caesar salad

Side dishes

Cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions

Sauces: Tatar, horseradish

Butter, bread

Dinner I

Cut baked ham with horseradish sauce and grits with bacon

Dinner II

Goulash with boiled dumplings