We invite you to start a fascinating adventure with NORDIC WALKING.

Nordic Walking is simply walking for health and fitness while using specially designed poles. People practicing Nordic walking to a greater extent, although less intensively, engage the muscles of the body (including chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abdomen), and what is most important, the muscles are more

stimulated than in case of an ordinary march and undergo  greater reinforcement compared to ordinary walking or jogging.

When practicing Nordic walking one in particular:

• develops arm strength and durability, ease in walking up the hills

• burns more calories than in case of walking or running

• increases stability when walking with poles

• there is less emphasis on the shins, knees, hips and back

• joints are relieved, which is especially important for the elderly

  price per person
in double room
price per person
in single room
price per person
in suite
PACKAGE 3 days (2 nights) 740,00 zł 937,00 zł 958,00 zł

Price (per person) covers:

- accommodation in a selected room (2 nights)

- breakfast in a form of buffet (2 meals)

-  lunch and dinner in one (2 meals)

- Learning Nordic Walking with  an instructor (2 hours)

- relax in SPA: 1 x holistic massage, 1 x lymphatic massage

- possibility of using the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, tennis courts,

volleyball courts and basketball courts